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Shuffles Privacy Notice

California Residents: Please see our California Privacy Statement and Notice at Collection here.

The Pinterest team created the Shuffles app to give you a simple and powerful tool for collaborative collages.

You can only use Shuffles by logging in with an existing Pinterest account, and our Pinterest Privacy Policy also applies to Shuffles. This Shuffles Privacy Notice explains some additional things we’d like you to know about the info we collect and use in connection with Shuffles and the choices you have when you use Shuffles.

We will only use your information when we have a proper legal basis for doing so, such as fulfilling commitments we make in our Terms of Service, or where we have a legitimate interest in using your information.

You have the same profile for Shuffles as you do for the rest of Pinterest, so some Pinterest account info, like your name and profile photo, will be shown in Shuffles. When people you interact with on Pinterest join Shuffles, we’ll help you connect.

We’ll also use some info from your activity on Pinterest to improve your experience on Shuffles. For example, we’ll recommend Pins you could use to create collages in Shuffles based on Pins you’ve saved to your profile on Pinterest. Here are a few other things to know about Shuffles:

  • Phone Numbers: When you sign up for Shuffles, we’ll prompt you to provide your phone number. We’ll use your phone number to help you and your friends find each other on Shuffles, and for account management and security.
  • Contacts: You’ll have the option to provide Shuffles with access to your contacts. We’ll use this information to help you and your friends find each other on Shuffles, and to let you invite friends to join Shuffles who haven’t yet.
  • Collages: When you create a collage, you’ll have the option to keep it private, share it with selected friends on Shuffles, or post it publicly within Shuffles. When you post a collage publicly on Shuffles, it will be posted publicly on your Pinterest profile, too, unless you opt out in your settings. You can also delete any collage after you post it. If you make your collage visible to others, they will be able to add comments or reactions to it, or share it themselves. Shuffles includes a few other collaboration features you can choose to use. For example, if you add content (like photos or art) to a public collage, other Shuffles users will be able to use this content in their collages, too. If you share your collage, users with access to it will be able to create a “reshuffle” – a new collage based on the one you originally created.
  • Comments: You can delete or edit any comment you’ve made on a collage.
  • Shuffles Messages: If you use Shuffles to message with friends, you can leave message threads you no longer want to be a part of and you can block other users you don’t want to interact with.
  • Notifications: You can choose whether to receive push notifications from Shuffles. You will be asked if you want to receive them when you first access Shuffles. You can turn off or adjust push notifications preferences within your device settings menu. If we send you marketing materials by email, you can unsubscribe by following the instructions in those communications.
  • Profile: Because Shuffles is part of your Pinterest account, when you update your profile on Pinterest, any profile info we show on Shuffles will also update. To update your profile, please visit the settings menu of your Pinterest account.
  • Share settings: If you delete a collage or make it private on Shuffles, it will automatically be deleted from your Pinterest profile. If you delete a collage or move it to a secret board on Pinterest, it will not automatically be deleted or made private on Shuffles.
  • Other Account Options: To access, edit, or delete your account data visit the Pinterest Help Center.

For more information about your options, visit the Pinterest Privacy Policy.