Responsible disclosure statement

  • The Pinterest bug bounty program is managed through Bugcrowd. To see the terms of the program and participate, go to and sign up as a tester. You will need to accept the Pinterest terms of service to engage in testing. If you have identified a vulnerability, please report it via Bugcrowd to be eligible for a reward.

    Heroes of Pinterest

    The following researchers have helped us identify and fix vulnerabilities before Bugcrowd. Thanks to all!

    • Ashley Boxhall
    • Muhammad Shahmeer
    • Michael Henriksen
    • Kamil Sevi
    • Ali Hasan Ghauri
    • Juan Broullón
    • Gökmen Güreşçi
    • Luis Teixeira
    • Sahil Dhar
    • Manish Bhattacharya
    • Dan Melamed
    • Brendon Tiszka
    • Nishant Das Patnaik
    • Christian Galeone
    • Avinash Sudhodanan