Merchant guidelines

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love. We believe that when people find great products from trusted merchants, that it can empower people to do things they care about.

Getting your products on Pinterest

  • We want to ensure our community finds great products on Pinterest. So we hold any products on Pinterest to a high standard. Products should follow the below requirements and our:


    While Pinterest is not involved in facilitating the purchase, sale or delivery of goods, we want people to have good experiences shopping for products they find on Pinterest. We want merchants to offer the best customer service possible, and that includes setting clear expectations about product quality, price, delivery times and return processes. And, of course, we want merchants to meet those expectations.

    Merchants are responsible for making sure they follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes when they use our service. Merchants are also responsible for handling and responding to all purchases, deliveries, customer service questions, complaints, problems and disputes. 

    We reserve the right to remove products for violating these guidelines and to shut down feed access from any merchant based on poor third-party ratings or a record of complaints. We may remove anything for any reason, including Pins, boards or your access to Pinterest. 

Requirements for merchants

  • To qualify as a product to be used in a Pin or in other formats on Pinterest, it must meet the following criteria:

    • Pinterest must have current (within 24 hours) and accurate information about the price and in-stock status of the product. This is obtained from daily feed syncing or Pinterest frequently scraping meta-tags on product landing pages, and by including your product in a Pin, you permit Pinterest to scrape your product information to keep the information current.
    • The Pin must display a specific item, excluding services, that is available for purchase.
    • The Pin image and description must accurately represent the product.
    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear return policy, that displays whether the merchant accepts returns, the process and time expectations for returns (if applicable).

    • The merchant must have an easy to find and accurate contact information for customer service. 

    • The merchant must have an easy to find and clear shipping policy that displays expected shipping time and costs. 

Prohibited Products

  • We don’t allow the following products:

    • Alcohol
    • Financial products such as loans, cryptocurrency, etc.
    • Any product that falls under our prohibited products and services list on our advertising guidelines, including:
      • Adult products
      • Drugs and drug-related products 
      • Live animals and products made from endangered wildlife
      • Gambling-related products, such as lottery tickets
      • Healthcare products including prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, medical devices and any unsafe healthcare products that make unrealistic promises such as weight loss pills
      • Illegal products
      • Infant formula
      • Imitation or counterfeit products
      • Political merchandise
      • Sensitive or disturbing products 
      • Tobacco products
      • Weapons and explosives

Additional guidelines for the Verified Merchant Program

  • We’re launching a Verified Merchant Program to help people on Pinterest discover and buy from trustworthy brands.

    To be eligible for the Verified Merchant Program:

    • Merchants must meet our Community guidelines, including the Spam guidelines, and our general Merchant guidelines listed above. 
    • Merchants must have a digital footprint online and not only a presence on Pinterest. 
    • Merchants must not be resale or consignment marketplaces. 
    • Merchants must have a high-quality website and product pages.

    We don’t allow websites that:

    • Have poor editorial content, including: 
      • Improper grammar, excessive or glaring typos
      • Fuzzy or grainy images
    • Have unoriginal content, including:
      • Affiliate marketplace businesses 
      • Unoriginal content within the “about us” section or product descriptions
      • Stock images
    • Force users to visit another page that is not original to the brand
    • Are unsafe or deceptive
    • Have multiple ads or pop-ups you cannot close
    • Have out of date content, such as Christmas sales in February or out of stock products

    To learn more about the Verified Merchant Program, please visit our business site.