Ad Data Terms

These Ad Data Terms are an addendum to the agreement between you and Pinterest, Inc., or its affiliate (as applicable) (“Pinterest,” “we” or “us”) that governs your use of Pinterest’s advertising service, including the Data Sharing Addendum between you and Pinterest (together, your “Ad Terms”). By using any Pinterest Ad Service features involving Ad Data (defined below) you agree to this addendum. Any capitalised terms not defined here are defined in the Ad Terms.

1. General.
  • "Ad Data" means the personal data that one party receives from the other in connection with your access to and use of the Ad Service.
  • As required by the Ad Terms, you must clearly disclose and get any legally required consent for the collection, sharing and use (including use by Pinterest) as described in these terms of the Ad Data you give to us.
  • Do not give us Ad Data that relates to sensitive categories – such as medical condition or ethnic origin – or that has been collected from a child-directed site or app, or from anyone who is under 13 or the legal age of consent in your jurisdiction, if higher.
  • Pinterest will use appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the security and confidentiality of Ad Data you give us, and will comply with the Pinterest Privacy Policy located at  (or a successor URL) in connection with our use of Ad Data.
  • Pinterest will not share Ad Data you give us with a third party (except affiliates, contractors and agents subject to confidentiality obligations) unless required by law or with your permission.
  • 2. Ad Data
  • We use Ad Data you give us for measuring ad effectiveness, ad delivery and reporting, improving safety and security on Pinterest, research and product development, and for other uses that you give us permission for (including as described in Section 3).
  • We also use Ad Data to help generate aggregated and anonymous measurements about the use of Pinterest’s Ad Service, for example to calculate the total number of conversions Pinterest helped drive. These measurements will not identify you or your customers.
  • Certain Ad Service features allow you to give Pinterest a list of unique identifiers such as hashed email addresses or mobile ad identifiers like an IDFA (together, “User IDs”) for matching purposes. When you do that, we’ll use the User IDs to find corresponding Pinterest accounts, and once we’ve completed the match process, we’ll delete the list of User IDs you gave us and keep only a list of matched Pinterest accounts.
  • If you give us User IDs using an Ad Service feature (such as Customer List Targeting or the Pinterest Tag) to create a targeting audience of customers or website or app visitors, Pinterest will not permit anyone else to use the audience you create to target or optimise ads, and we won’t use the audience you create for any purpose other than to provide the Ad Service to you.
  • 3. Pinterest Tag, App Activity and SDK.
  • When you send us Ad Data using the Pinterest Ad Service’s Tag, an API endpoint, or another Ad Service feature that lets you share website, store or mobile app activity data (such as offline sales measurement or a mobile measurement partner integration) (this Ad Data, “Activity Data”), in addition to your other addendum obligations (including the obligations in Section 1):
    • clearly and prominently disclose and get legally required consent for the setting and reading of cookies and other User IDs (defined below) as and where required by law;
    • give clear and prominent notice to your website and app visitors that their information will be shared with third parties for online behavioural advertising;
    • tell your website or app visitors they can opt out of online behavioural advertising through their Pinterest personalisation settings, the AdChoices website (if you send us website activity via the Pinterest Tag) or their mobile ad identifier settings (if you share app activity data with us, e.g. via a mobile measurement partner or an app SDK).
  • You give Pinterest the right to use Activity Data to optimise recommendations and advertisements provided by Pinterest, but only in combination with data from Pinterest or from other sources in a way that doesn’t identify you or any individual to any third party.
  • Except when provided to you for only your use, Pinterest will not create any Ad Service feature or targeting audience using solely your Activity Data.
  • 4. Pinterest Ad Data.
  • If you receive any Ad Data from Pinterest (for example, campaign reporting linked to a User ID) then:
    • you must not use that information to target ads or market products or services (for example, through audience targeting or modelling), or for any purpose other than to evaluate your Pinterest ad campaign performance,
    • you must not associate it with any Personal Data or share it with any third party, and
    • you must delete or anonymise it when you no longer have a legitimate business need for it, no later than 6 months after receiving it.